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For 80% of the population, stress directly impacts eating behavior.

Have you noticed that in periods of prolonged stress we tend to gain weight?

The reasons are both psychological and physiological.

First of all, when we are stressed, we tend to eat more and more quickly: Food brings us a certain comfort. But the brain does not have time to assimilate the signals of satiety that the body sends to it.

But that's not all, the problem is also physiological.

Indeed, stress is intimately linked to the production of a hormone, cortisol.

which is essential to the body and allows the body to react to stressful events. But when too much is produced, in the event of chronic stress, disturbances can occur and affect the metabolism.

Cortisol increases blood sugar, water retention and reduces muscle mass. It promotes fat storage, increases our appetite and directs our choices towards more fatty and sweet foods.

In a weight loss program, in addition to advice on lifestyle and diet, you must act on your chronic stress. The goal is to lower your cortisol, avoid binge eating and regain quality sleep.


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