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Quitting smoking is good for your health

but it can lead to weight gain in some people. Indeed, nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant, and without it, one may experience an increased craving for food. This is why many people are afraid to quit smoking and sometimes go back to smoking to avoid gaining weight!

Generally we smoke to relax and the lack of nicotine in smokers who try to quit creates stress. It is by reducing this stress that it is possible to control this weight gain.

Did you know that stress increases your craving for sugar,

sodas, desserts, salty and fatty foods? It can cause increased levels of cortisol, a hormone that promotes weight gain.

In case of chronic stress cortisol will modify your eating behavior, increase fat storage and blood sugar. It produces a feeling of hunger and even leads to compulsive snacking attacks. Acting on your stress as part of quitting smoking will really help you regulate your appetite.

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