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Let's talk about a subject that everyone talks about without really knowing what it is:


Let's start by describing the 4 steps that can get us there.

The first step is commitment:

we have pleasure at work, satisfaction, we invest ourselves fully a little too long, over too long a distance. We find ourselves in the alarm phase with occasional stress.

And then there is the overcommitment:

we bear the weight of the omnipotence of work, we gradually reduce all extra-professional activities. All of this has repercussions on family life. We reach the resistance phase, which is called chronic stress.

Then the anxiety comes with a hectic pace of work, and nervousness. We find it difficult to achieve our goals. Lack of sleep, which causes fatigue and concentration problems. So we make mistakes, we doubt ourselves. We have reached the Phase of psychic exhaustion which we call burnin. At this stage the warnings should light up!

But we find ourselves in this phase, because we are in denial and there it is

the collapse.

We are over-stressed, and cortisol will increase to excess. Sleep becomes impossible and we have reached the phase of psychic and physical exhaustion called Burnout.

What happens in our body?

The adaptation hormone is CORTISOL, it is our biological clock, in a way our hormone of the day. Melatonin is the "night hormone" synthesized by serotonin. The cortisol/melatonin couple manages our rhythms, our chronobiology. During chronic stress, a desynchronization sets in associated with the collapse of serotonin. The body gets out of sync. The brain is no longer on time or in the right tempo...


So what can you do to avoid going too far?

There is a real DENI of stress-related exhaustion and the diagnosis is generally made too late... You must therefore talk about it with your doctor and rebalance breathing techniques through nutrition.

Did you know that burnout and your eating habits very often go hand in hand? We underestimate it most of the time, but poor nutrition is a source of stress for our body. Why is healthy eating so important? Because junk food shapes an unfavorable ground increasing vulnerability to stress...

At Yunova Pharma we talk about functional neuro-nutrition that acts on the brain and nerves. Pathological stress will consume essential nutrients from our body that we will be able to provide through food and food supplements.

Our mission is to allow you to pass the course of the 1 st signs or to prevent burn-out, because once this stage is crossed it is very difficult to go up the slope: I lived it, I know what I am talking about .

To prevent these pathological states of stress, we have created the serenity pack, which can be found on our website