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Is fat good for the brain?

Did you know that it is possible to improve the functioning of your brain through diet and that fat is an essential player?

The brain, in fact, is made up of more than 55% fat. It is of course specific lipids (and not junk food!) that participate in the constitution of neuron membranes and myelin. The quality of the fats we eat therefore has direct consequences in the transmission of information in chemical and electrical form.

Fat is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the brain.

We distinguish the so-called “essential” fatty acids such as Omega 3 DHA that only food can provide, because the brain does not know how to synthesize them. There are also other very important fatty acids whose synthesis is complex such as Phosphatidylserine which represents 18% of brain fat. It promotes the production of acetylcholine and dopamine, and restores the plasticity of synapses.

An unbalanced diet will impact the composition of the brain in lipids. In addition, these lipids can be altered in the presence of heavy metals, in the event of intellectual fatigue, overexposure to screens and by aging.

A drop in the level of phosphatidylserine and Omega 3 is associated with a deterioration of cognitive functions, hence the interest of an external intake in the form of food or supplement.

How to feed the neurons? A well-oiled brain!

Health authorities now recommend that 35 to 40% of total food calories be provided in the form of lipids, while limiting saturated fatty acids.

You have therefore understood: it is necessary to provide sufficient quantities of specific unsaturated fats, in particular omega-3 DHA and Phosphatidylserin, because they act on the proper functioning of the brain; they have scientifically demonstrated beneficial effects on concentration and memory performance and on the reduction of mental and emotional stress. Prefer Omega 3 DHA of vegetable origin, which are 100% without residue unlike fish oils and also Phosphatidylserine of vegetable origin rich in phospholipids.


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