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Our purpose at Yunova Pharma: reducing drug consumption

When I talk about it around me, I'm amazed at the number of people who have taken #anxiolytics or #antidepressants or are still taking them in the long run! These drugs are not harmless and are reserved for serious cases.

And on October 17, 2017 I burned out from an excess of #passion. I had given everything for too long for an international company. My biggest mistake: believing that this #business was mine.

My doctor husband supported me and we looked for #natural and #effective alternatives to antidepressants. I was convinced, from my family experience that these drugs were not a solution in my case… But we did not find a great offer with proven effectiveness. We still succeeded, because he was there. 🙏. But not everyone lives with a doctor!😌

I wanted to change this observation and help people to #prevent burn-out and #neurological problems in a sustainable way.🧠

So I co-founded Yunova Pharma, a Neuro nutrition laboratory based in #Monaco. We are 2 co-founders My partner is #doctor leading a laboratory in Switzerland. We are surrounded by a scientific committee: A #Neurologist and a specialist in #Neuroprotection.

Yunova® Pharma it is a range of natural food supplements, to
✔Reduce #stress and anxiety
✔Find muscle relaxation, and control your #chronic pain
✔Improve #memory and #concentration disorders.

Made in France, without preservatives or nanoparticles🚫, The capsules are 100% vegetable🌿, no dies 🚫, no gluten🚫.

The boxes are illustrated in Braille to facilitate #inclusion and are varnished with ecological water. Each supplier has been carefully selected according to our #sustainabledevelopment criteria.

We offer natural food supplements with #proven effectiveness, prescribed by rheumatologists, neurologists and general practitioners. the #environmental impact is measured.


Yunova its “innovation for you”. It is an attention paid to all the details: electric car, carefully chosen suppliers, eco-friendly printer, French manufacturers who adhere to our values.

We must have a societal impact: We donate a percentage of our turnover to the Brain Institute.

Pascale Magana Caron

CEO Yunova Pharma