Le burn-out de Wonder Woman



I always believed that I was invincible and that depression collapsing wouldn’t go through me. My aunts, my mom, those “desperate housewives” had all gone down. No, it won’t go through me. I studied, I fought for a great job, I play sports beyond measure, I have two wonderful children, who are soon to finish their studies, a husband of whom I am proud. I have traveled the world for work and for fun, too much too much. I worked a lot tirelessly, too much too much, I got away from sports, at night, late, too late.
And one day on August 31, 2017, everything stops: “you are not in the management team, because you are too divisive, too excessive, too much …” I am told, in the upper echelons of my company. Me, called Wonder Woman, suddenly collapsed. It takes a month and a half for it to really explode: I don’t believe it, I keep working.
On October 18, 2017, the verdict fell: burnout, sick leave, dead adrenals, no more battery. It follows 5 months in which the night is a terrible nightmare. Impossible to find sleep …
Anyone who thinks they are stronger than burnout is wrong: when they experience it from the inside, they are often the last to spot it, to recognize it. The right reflex is to listen to those close to you, to listen to your body and your emotions. Thoughts, at this time, are not good counselors, for they seek to rationalize what is not. They are mistaken in reality. This is why our body pushes them away from us and forces us to take care of it.