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is a chronic inflammatory gynecological disease that affects one in 10 women.

Symptoms are severe pelvic pain, digestive discomfort, heavy periods. They are so intense that they handicap you on a daily basis. And it is the 1st cause of infertility!

The management of this disease is multidisciplinary.

In addition to the treatments offered to you by health professionals, did you know that diet and micronutrition can significantly relieve you?
Select an anti-inflammatory diet and avoid ultra-processed foods high in refined sugar or saturated fatty acids. No more deli meats, red meat, alcohol, sweets and sweets… Bet on foods rich in omega 3, eat fiber, season your dishes with anti-inflammatory spices and limit your consumption of dairy products.
Well, completely changing your diet is not always easy on a daily basis!

Fortunately, new nutritional solutions exist to reduce the consumption of analgesics and relieve pain.

The most interesting is the PEA.

His discovery was the subject of a Nobel Prize (a woman!) Dr. Levi Montalccini. It works gradually if taken continuously. After a few weeks you will feel a marked improvement. Its tolerance is excellent, without side effects, without habituation or dependence and without drug interaction.

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