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If you suffer from persistent chronic pain despite analgesics and anti-inflammatories

Be aware that a new natural solution exists for you. This solution is called PEA.

It is a molecule naturally present in the brain that is able to control pain and acute inflammation. In case of chronic pain, the PEA reserve is exhausted.

The good news is that it is now possible to provide it in the form of a dietary supplement. It must be taken as a continuous cure over several weeks.

Clinical studies show that after two months, 81% of users have pain that decreases and becomes less than or equal to 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, regardless of the origin of the pain.

This Molecule of natural origin, can be used in complete safety; no interaction with conventional anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatments, no addiction.


The Yunova laboratory has developed an innovative food supplement called Perinerve.


contains both PEA in the form, highly bioavailable, and an extract of commiphora Myrrha with group B vitamins for a better synergy of action.

Perinerve is recommended as a three-month program with a single tablet per day.


In case of muscle tension Perinerve can be combined with Lumbaplex, a natural relaxant rich in bioavailable magnesium and uridine monophosphate,

Lumbaplex one capsule per day.