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PEA versus CBD, which one to choose?


The use of CBD is a step forward for pain management. It is a molecule, cannabidiol, extracted from cannabis. It acts on pain, but is not without side effects: fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth, memory problems and also mood disorders.

The CBD dosage is not very precise and it may contain traces of THC which has a strong psychoactive effect: hence these side effects.

PEA is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps control pain and inflammation. But in case of chronic pain, the PEA reserve is depleted. Hence the interest in consuming it.

Its discovery and mode of action was the subject of a Nobel Prize and its effectiveness has since been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.

PEA, unlike CBD, has a double action that is not only analgesic, but also anti-inflammatory. It stimulates endogenous cannabinoid production which modulates pain, acts on inflammatory receptors and reduces inflammation.

The good news is that PEA can be found in food. Leafy green vegetables, seaweed, red fruits, nuts and seeds, fatty fish, and spices have anti-inflammatory properties.

However, to benefit from a higher dosage, it is interesting to take it as a dietary supplement. In this case, PEA is a pure product of pharmaceutical quality, without the psychogenic effects of CBD, and extremely well tolerated. It acts gradually: it is necessary to follow a continuous cure over several months.

Indeed, clinical studies show that after two months, 81% of people have pain that decreases and becomes less than or equal to 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. This, whatever the origin of the pain. This molecule of natural origin can be used safely, it has no interaction with conventional anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatments or addiction.

The Yunova Pharma laboratory has developed an innovative food supplement: Perinerve.

C’est une formule unique associant un PEA issu d’algues, hautement biodisponible, et un extrait de plante, la commiphora Myrrha ainsi que des vitamines du groupe B, pour une meilleure synergie d’action.

Perinerve is recommended as a three-month one-pill-a-day program. It is currently recommended in pain centers, particularly for the nutritional management of Endometriosis and chronic joint and neuromuscular pain.